Lavender Marans & Black Copper Marans split to Lavender

((  Season 2023 --- These birds are not in a breeding pen as pure -bred - at this time!   They are in my pen creating Fun Olive Eggers -- please see my tab about Olive Eggers !   ))
(( Thus Marans are NOT AVAIALABLE for reason stated above.. ))

******* PRICE: *******
$20 a chick ---- Lavender Marans
$15 a chick ---- Black Copper Marans split to Lavender Marans
 All chicks are sold as 2 to 5 day olds and sometimes up to 10 days. Sold straight run - unsexed  

This is a  rare color in this breed in Canada.   Though there is more around than there was a few years ago.  
The Lavender color is a beautiful soft lavender color.  (Muted soft blue/lavender color)  Very popular color in many breeds today and now you can have it in your Marans.  and get the BONUS of very pretty dark chocolate colored eggs.  A breeder worked many generations to bring this color into the Marans breed.  Through patience and long years she achieved it.  We are so thankful for her work.  And the on going work we will do to continue to improve egg color.